The Desire of Beauty is as Old as Civilization


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Today, I have a guest blogger:  my husband (hub) Brian.  He saw some of my previous posts about how I referred to him as frugal, and he asked for a chance to respond.Image

Hi all.  I thought I’d share one man’s perspective.  During Medieval times 18th-century Americans actually prized urine of young boys to erase their freckles; noble women would swallow arsenic and use bats’ blood on their skin to improve their complexions; Victorian ladies even removed their ribs to improve their waste lines.  Please note – that these practices are no longer necessary as PremierLook offers Obagi Clear to erase freckles.  A smart person would say that an industry driven by sexual instinct will always thrive and that the desire of beauty is as old as civilization.  I on the other hand would say, women are crazy, especially my wife.

In fact, because of my wife, I’ve even stopped believing in Christmas.  There is no point.  For in my world every day is Christmas!  Every day there is at least one little present arriving from FedEx so that she can work on her beauty, skin, and god knows what else.  But do I complain?  To her, Yes.  I have to be somewhat “frugal” in order to manage the income/outgo ratio.  But deep down I know I don’t mind because I like the “wub” looking and feeling good.

Beauty is something we all recognize instinctively from as early as 3 months old.  A study showed that a baby will smile longer at a face that adults judged to be attractive.  For both men and women, attractive people are judged to be more intelligent, better in bed, more likely to marry, and earn more income.  It’s like the saying I use in business “a nice suit gives the false impression that one can be taken seriously.”  Mascara makes eyes look younger and bigger.  Lustrous, long beautiful hair is a sign of good health.  Red lipstick signal signs of sexual arousal.  Flawless, light skin portraits youth and health because after pregnancy your skin permanently darkens and because lighter skin makes it harder to hide flaws as well as illnesses.

The beauty industry is a $160 Billion-a-year global industry ($24B on skin care, $18B on make-up, $48B on hair care) and is growing at 7% a year.  And these numbers were from 2003. Americans spend more on beauty each year than they do on education!  I just wish Christmas was maybe every other day!!

Thanks hub.  Brianna here again.  So I’ll close with this:


Because he spends thousands a year on cars and motorcycles and we live in our skin 24/7!!



Not all Vitamin C is created Equal


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Not all Vitamin C is created Equal

Your mom was right when she demanded that we take our vitamins daily. The obvious benefits are to help keep you healthy and strong. In addition, many vitamins in particular Vitamin C are beneficial for your skin.

Topical formulas and serums use Vitamin C in efforts to help prevent skin aging as well as protect against sun damage. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that speeds up your skin’s natural repair system and inhibits further damage.

But not all Vitamin C products are created equal. There are many Vitamin C preparations available on the market today. All claim to do amazing wonders for your skin. What most people don’t know is that Vitamin C in its most commonly found forms is highly unstable when exposed to air, in particular oxygen. And when this happens the product becomes ineffective.

The Obagi Professional C-Serums, on the other hand, use a Vitamin C formula in the most stable form that allows the antioxidant to fully absorb and remain in the skin longer to offer maximum benefits. There are 4 different strengths offered: 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20%.

As you tell your kids to eat their vitamins, remember to advise the same for your skin!


A glass a day: please be good for your skin!


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A glass a day:  please be good for your skin!

Now, being a mother of two boys, ages 5 and 4 [18 months apart], I need to have 1 glass of wine as soon as I am done saying my good nights in order to have a chance of maintaining my sanity. Bless their little hearts, but they are lunatics, and fortunately they make wine glasses like the picture shown so that I can still say I’m a good girl and only have one glass a day 😉

I’m sure you’ve read or heard that 1 glass of red wine a day is good for your heart’s health and even helping with cancer prevention. And we know that water is essential for hydrating your skin. So please, for the love of God, tell me that a glass of wine a night is equally as good for your skin!

As the saying goes, I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Water serves as an internal moisturizer which helps smooth out wrinkles making your skin appear younger and brighter. Whereas, alcohol, coffee, and soda have the exact opposite effect.

After a night out on the town, the next morning you may find yourself pounding a bunch of water. Why? Because alcohol, unlike water, dehydrates you. And dehydration of the skin will deplete important skin nutrients. So instead of getting younger, brighter skin you end up with dull looking skin.

Does this information concern me? Heck no! The remedy is a simple one: drink a large glass a day in preparation of the insanity that lurks the next day [fighting of cars, insanely loud imitations of dinosaurs, and everything else that comes along with “boys will be boys”], and I’ll deal with depleted skin nutrients and dull skin with my Neocutis Bio Cream and Lumiere Eye Cream.

To that: chin-chin, cheers, salut, and to all a good night. Love you boys!


Who’s your favorite Beautiful Woman over 50?


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Who's your favorite Beautiful Woman over 50?

“Age is something that haunts us from the moment we are born, we can’t fight it!” – Angela Bassett

“We have to let go of this crap. It creates even more pressure on women, and I certainly don’t want to be a part of that. I’m not beautiful; I clean up nice … The fact that I look good at the age I am is bloody irrelevant.” – Helen Mirren.

“I think I have finally found what I hope beauty is, or at least, beauty as it applies to me.” – Jamie Lee Curtis

“I don’t think there’s a substitute for loving and being loved, in terms of beauty.” – Mary Steenburgen

“We’re living a lot longer so we might as well look good while we’re here.” – Beverly Johnson

“I do really wish we had more of the European feeling of age in this country because it has put so much pressure not just on the women, but on the men and the children, too. It’s sad to see a little 8 year-old like my own look at the other girls and start holding in her stomach … So I hope to adopt that same attitude as I get older and bring it in to my home.” – Kim Basinger

“I’ll dry my hair as though I’m sitting on a chair, even though there’s no chair there. Then I’ll do some squats … you can do so much for your upper legs while you’re drying your hair.” – Christie Brinkley

“The good part about turning 50—is that it’s really not such a big deal. You spend so much time dreading it and there’s so much talk about it and then it comes and goes and it’s over and for me it’s been incredibly liberating. It is really letting go of the need to stay young for ever and the need to be perfect.” – Michelle Pfieiffer

“I wore leather pants when I was 20. I’ll be wearing leather pants when I’m 70. Because that’s my style.” – Sharon Stone

“Feeling beautiful isn’t about a trend or a particular look. It’s about treating yourself fabulously. No matter your age or your skin tone, you’ve got to love the skin you’re in.” – Iman

So who’s your favorite? Here’s ours: Janice Dickinson (best looks), Helen Mirren (best quote), and Iman (best skincare pitch, she just forgot to mention Obagi Nu Derm at 😉


Sex On! For Softer Skin, reduced anxiety, and many other reasons


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Sex On!  For Softer Skin and many other reasons

13 Reasons Why Having Sex is Good for your Health.

1. Abstinence is known to cause anxiety, paranoia and depression. After having sex the brain releases endorphins, which help decrease stress.

2. While having sex a woman’s body doubles the estrogen level. And this makes hair softer and skin softer! Please use Obagi Clear while haivng sex 😉 Kidding!!

3. Sex on a regular basis increases your lifespan.

4. If you’re going to have sex, don’t have boring sex. Wear lots of lingerie, stockings, and go crazy! Why, you ask? Because if you sweat you cleanse the skin pores, making the skin brighter. If you are not sexually active for a good skin cleanser we recommend Obagi Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser or Clinicians Complex Facial Cleanser.

4. Stop hitting the gym, and go hit the sheets! Quickies of 20 minutes (or maybe I should say Longies of 20 minutes) can burn 200 calories, which is the equivalent of running 15 minutes on a treadmill. And just when was the last time your treadmill gave you an orgasm?!?!

5. Depending on your stunts in bed, you can strengthen your muscles.

6. Sex sharpens our sense of smell.

7. Pain Reliever. Got a headache? Have some sex. immediately before orgasm, levels of the hormone oxytocin rise by five times, determining a huge release of endorphins. These chemicals calm pain, from a minor headache to arthritis or migraines, and with no secondary effects. Migraines also disappear due to the pressure in the brain’s blood vessels being lowered while having sex.

8. Try kissing your partner during sex for less visits to the dentist. Kissing stimulates salvation which lowers acidity in the mouth (the main cause of tooth decay)

9. Having sex on a regular basis helps lower your cholesterol as well as balance the ration between good and bad cholesterol.

10. Increased heart rate and deep breathing increase blood circulation, especially for the brain.

11. Lower risks of getting colds. Regular sex produces higher levels of antibody immunoglobulin A, that spurs the immune system.

12. Better sleep. After orgasm, especially in the evening, we become sleepy. The body becomes completely relaxed, for a better chance at a
good deep sleep.

13. Fight cancer (this one is for the men). A study showed that men that ejaculate over 21 times in a month presented a 33% decreased risk of developing prostate cancer.

So now it all makes sense. These must be the reasons for the hub-a-wub coming after me every day!  He really does care.  ha

Sex on my Premier’ies.


Tattoos – bad for your skin??


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Tattoos - bad for your skin??

Now a days it seems like almost everyone has at least one tattoo – even if it’s a small butterfly on the lower back, which is so out of season it’s not even funny…naturally this is what I’m stuck with 😦

Now my husband on the other hand, has bad skin, especially on his arms. So rather than use girly women skin products like the ones I sell, his solution is to cover the bad skin. He’s not the brightest, despite having a chemical engineering degree, mind you. Personally, I think he wishes he was a David Beckham since he gave up playing semi-professional soccer in the Netherlands.

So I decided to do some digging. He’s trying to fix his skin by covering up, so I’m going to show him that he’s only making it worse.

To my shock I’m now 0 for 2!!! My research indicates that the tattoo itself, once healed, is not bad for the skin. Complications can of course occur during the healing process. But when done correctly in a sterile environment complications are uncommon.

The risks are all around non-sterile environments. According to WebMD a potential risk is bacterial infection at the tattoo site. Symptoms of this may include redness, warmth and a pus-like drainage. A reaction to the tattoo is also possible, in which bumps called granulomas or excessive scarring might appear. Some people may have a serious allergic reaction to the types of dyes used in tattoos. So it is recommended to leave the tattoo parlor with a list of the types of dyes used, just in case of an emergency.

But overall, use a clean reputable facility and the tattoo ink will not have a negative impact on your skin.

Let’s hope that husband of mine is smart enough to not use tattoos to troubleshoot our boys pimples when they arise!!

Happy 4th of July everyone. Stay beautiful my PremierAddicts!

Comment Below: Tattoos – sexy or no?!?!?!

Obagi: Before and After


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“We have used the Obagi Nu-Derm skin care system for 17 years and I have not found any other system that is comparable to the excellent results for rejuvenating and maintaining healthy skin for all skin types and conditions.”
Jody Comstock, MD
Skin Spectrum, Tucson, AZ
“I started the Obagi Nu-Derm System about 2 weeks ago to improve melasma on my face after my dermatologist recommended that I try it.

“WOW! In only 2 weeks, most of my melasma has improved and the really tough spots I’ve had for years are noticeably faded! I am so delighted with your product! Even the redness and peeling (which I was warned ahead of time would happen) were very manageable.

“Some women in my office approached me the other day to ask what I was doing to my skin because it looked so smooth and radiant. I was floored! Again, thank you.”

Christine W.
Bedford, NH
“I purchased the Obagi Nu-Derm System and it is wonderful. For the first time in my entire life, I am happy with my skin. I never have been before, as I’ve had acne and blotchy skin for so long. It’s only been about 3 weeks, but I wanted you to know how happy I am with these products. Thank you.”
Stephanie R.
Vacaville, CA
“I really didn’t like the texture of my skin, my pore size and I had a lot of hyperpigmentation. I was a little intimidated to have to use so many products and have to buy into some sort of system. I was skeptical. But all I can say is WOW! What a transformation.”
Orinda, CA


The Obagi Transformation Kit – Step by Step Tutorial


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The Obagi System is one of the world’s most prescribed and recommended lines by physicians and dermatologists. Watch our latest video for a detailed tutorial on how and when to properly use each product in the “Obagi Starter Kit” which has now been rebranded to the “Transformation Kit

Whiten Teeth with H202 (Hydrogen Peroxide)


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What is the main active ingredient in just about every teeth whitening product on the market? Hydrogen Peroxide or as the chemist will tell you “water which we all know as H20 with one extra Oxygen).  Water is a very inexpensive product, so how much could one extra oxygen cost?  You can pick up a bottle of hydrogen peroxide at your local food store for under a dollar.  Most teeth whitening products can range anywhere from $5-$25.ImageSo my husband, hating how much I spend on a daily basis on my beauty and skin products, figures to go right to the source and use hydrogen peroxide to whiten his teeth claiming that he will have whiter teeth than mine, in faster time, and at a fraction of the cost.  As it pains me to write this, he proved himself right.  I’ve been using some high end teeth whitening products for years (Crest Whitening Strips and StarBright to name a few).  And in as little as 2 weeks my frugal husband’s teeth were looking whiter and brighter than mine.

So I decided to look into this further.  Even on the Hydrogen Peroxide label it says that it can be used as a mouth wash.  You want to make sure the bottle that you are using is the standard 3% solution – anything higher is industrial strength and NOT safe to go in your mouth.

Now I’m not a dentist, so you should check with yours before using.  But the main warning signs that I’ve researched are to use caution or check with your dentist if you are under the age of 12, and to discontinue use if you experience any redness or discomfort with your gums.

Recommended Directions:

1.  First brush your teeth with your normal every day fluoride toothpaste.
2.  Rinse with a diluted solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide (Basically 50% water and 50% hydrogen peroxide).  My husband will tell you to go for the glory and just use hydrogen peroxide.  His logic:  faster results and hydrogen peroxide has water in it already, why would you want to add more water, if anything add more oxygen for even faster results?
3.  You only need to use a small amount of hydrogen peroxide.  Once it is in your mouth a chemical reaction will take place and it will begin to foam.
4.  Swish and swirl in your mouth for 30-60 seconds.
5.  Spit out.  DO NOT SWALLOW.
6.  Don’t eat or drink for 30 minutes.

Please check with your dentist, but my dentist confirms that this is a safe practice and can be done daily.

Ok, so the husband was right for once.  He saved himself $25 a month.  Now to go spend those savings on some more important beauty and skin products!